Eyebolt testing and installation

When working at high levels, is especially vital that eyebolts are tested and installed to provide the user with the highest standard of safety. Here at Apex Access Group, we are able to cover the eyebolt testing and installation within four different categories: restraint systems, rope access systems, work positioning systems and fall arrest systems.

About eyebolt testing and installation

The first type of system – a restraint system – restricts the level of travel to prevent access to certain risky zones, whereby the level of force is usually the same as the weight of the user. A rope access system makes use of two lines that are secured separately, with secondary line acting as a back-up for entry and exit, with the force typically being twice the user’s weight.

A work positioning system allows the user to remain in a partly or wholly supported position, whereby a rope access system may also be used. Lastly, a fall arrest system is a means to arrest a fall in circumstances where should the user lose controlled contact with the working area, a free fall would occur.

It is important to consider these different types of systems when looking at eyebolt testing and installation as the fall arrest installations should be inspected every 12 months, whilst a rope access installation should be every 6 months. Eyebolts require labels showing the date of the next inspection, category of use and any other relevant details.

When it comes to the installation itself, eyebolts may be installed directly into the material, whether brickwork, concrete, steel work, or any other structure being worked on.

Eyebolt testing and installation service

Eyebolts are usually made from either galvanized, powder coated or stainless-steel materials. Eyebolt testing and installation includes the removal of the bolts for inspection, checking the positioning, carrying out a load test, and checking that it is the approved type that is suitable for the structure and that the anchor device is made from appropriate materials.

By completing this holistic eyebolt testing and installation service, you can be reassured in the safety of your equipment, benefiting everyone involved, from the company, to the customers, to the workers and contractors themselves.

Business Sectors

  • Commercial properties
  • Apartment blocks
  • Leisure industry
  • Construction

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