When working at great heights, take all the necessary health and safety precautions with our Fall Protection Systems

Fall Protection Systems

When operating at heights, it is crucial to take the necessary health and safety measures to ensure your employees are safe. According to EN and UK regulations, as an employer you have the responsibility of taking the necessary steps and precautions to ensure your workers safety. At Apex Access Group, we specialise in helping you achieve this, with our fall protection systems.

Your responsibilities as an employer

According to UK and EN legal regulations, as an employer of work taking place at height, you have a responsibility to prevent death and injury caused by a fall. This includes ensuring the work is properly planned, supervised and carried out by competent and trained people, and ensuring the use of the right equipment. You can read more on the Work at Height Regulations 2005 on the Health and Safety Executive government agency website.

What fall protection systems do we offer?

We offer two distinct types of fall protection systems. The first of these are fall arrest systems. These stop someone from falling after they have begun to fall, acting as an extra safety mechanism. As the wearer begins to fall, the system will arrest, stopping the user mid-fall. Such a system is useful when the wearer is required to work up to the edge of the roof, for instance, as they are securely attached to an extremely strong wire that allows them a wide radius of movement.

The second refers to fall restraint services. These allow for free movement of the individual, but do not allow the user to enter a space where a fall could occur.  This works by the user being securely attached with only a short radius of movement possible, typically set 2.3 metres back from the roof perimeter.

How do our fall protection systems work?

At Apex Access Group, we offer both fixed fall protection systems and temporary fall protection systems, which are available on a variety of different roof types. For instance, for those working on corrugated metal roofs, we utilise structural BULB-TITE rivets, which allows the base plates to be fixed securely to the roof. The use of rivets here serves a sealing, clamping and security function, providing for an extremely sturdy fall arrest or restraint design. On built-up flat roofing, M8 stainless steel gravity toggles recesses the bolt head below the flat surface of the base plate, which eliminates the risk of puncture damage to the membrane. These are suitable for concrete and wood flat roofs and decks. We also offer vertical standing fall protection, used for instances such as working on tall fire escapes, and overhead fall protection systems, used for example when overseeing train maintenance.

Our team will come on-site to consult with you before the construction of the fall protection systems, in order to ensure correct and safe installation. This involves training for your team from our team of fully qualified and trained professionals, in many cases beyond what is minimally required by UK law.

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