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Rope Access Inspections & Surveys

Apex Access Group provide Rope Access inspection and survey services for all types of buildings and structures across the UK.

Rope Access mitigates the need for expensive scaffolding or disruptive equipment, proving cost an effective method of inspection or survey. Apex Access Group’s rope access technicians hold a wealth of knowledge and experience in the inspection of buildings, structures and bridges of all materials.

Examples of typical projects include: roofs, facades, chimneys, high-rise structures and bridges. Our detailed inspections and surveys provide you with a comprehensive report, including photographs and notes in the relevant format.

Don’t compromise on the safety and integrity of your building. Choose rope access building inspection and surveys for a cost-effective, efficient, and thorough assessment of your property. Contact us today to schedule an inspection and ensure the longevity and safety of your building.

What are rope access inspections and surveys?

Rope Access Surveys are the perfect solution to accessing a building or structure where conventional techniques, such as scaffolding, is not practical or efficient. The purpose of undertaking a Rope Access Inspection or Survey varies. Some of the top reasons are to:

  • Identify if any damage exists.
  • Identify any future potential for damage.
  • Assess storm or weather damage.
  • Locate potential falling objects, causing injury or damage.
  • Detect water leaks or water ingress.
  • Discover remedial works prior to the erection of scaffolding, or alternative long-term access.
  • Inspect brickwork and concrete.
  • Specification works for tenders or dilapidation.
  • Plus more.

Our diverse experience in roped access inspections and surveying covers a variety of building and structure types. These include; heritage buildings, high-rise buildings, cladding and curtain walling, bridges, viaducts, pylons, high rise buildings, chimney stacks, mill towers, silos, tanks, confined spaces and stadiums. 

Why rope access inspections?

Abseiling a building or structure via rope means we can access facades without the use of scaffolding (or other alternative access methods). With fewer persons and less equipment, our team are quick and effective without compromising on safety or the quality of our work. 
As our team work their way through the inspection, they keep a detailed log of any damage or potential issues. This data is then reported back to you in the form of a condition report. Our thorough technical report will include the location and details of any damage or issues found. Depending on your requirements, we are able to provide photographic and videographic evidence in addition to our report. 

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