Rope Access Maintenance

Apex Access Group use ropes and abseiling equipment to carry out professional rope access maintenance services in areas that are hard to reach using other methods. Our rope access maintenance services include: painting, window restoration and roof repairs on commercial buildings. Our services are available across the UK.

Apex Access Group provides rope access maintenance, which are carried out to the highest health and safety standards and fall protection services. If you have a high-rise office building, commercial building or multi-storey apartment building that is in need of maintenance, we can provide these services. We will carry out a survey of the premises to discover your needs and to plan how the work will be carried out safely and efficiently by our skilled team.

Rope access maintenance has been developed by experts over a 25-year period and is a great solution when it comes to maintaining those difficult to reach places on high buildings safely and effectively.

This method is also used in construction and is known as a safer, less intrusive method of high level work. Scaffolding requires more time to set-up and take down, is costly to install and takes up a larger working space and area, making it inconvenient.

Why rope access maintenance?

Ladders involve more risk and might not be tall enough to reach the areas that you need to, and extension poles can’t always reach all the necessary places to give the same level of cleaning required. 

Our highly skilled and experienced working at height team will be able to gain access to even the most difficult of areas, ensuring that any rope access maintenance is carried out to your standards and specifications.

Rope Access Painting

Painting at high levels can prove difficult and expensive for traditional access methods. Rope Access proves to be an effective method of access for painting of external masonry or rendered walls, wooden sash windows or internal atriums where scaffolding is not possible. Rope access technicians abseil from structural anchor points to access the area that requires re decoration in a non obtrusive manner, meaning buildings and businesses can operate as usual.

Experts in rope access maintenance

We offer a free quoting service for any size of rope access maintenance job, so please don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us about your project.