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Rope Access Cleaning

Rope Access Cleaning Services is a method of cleaning at height that has been developed over a 25 year period. It is also used in construction and is known as a safer, less intrusive method of high-level work. Scaffolding requires time and is costly to install and takes up a larger working space and area. Ladders involve more risk, and extension poles can’t always reach all the necessary places to give the same level of cleaning required. Allowing access to our team with our high-level cleaning solutions, to even the most difficult of areas, means that a job won’t be left half done, therefore making it more obvious when dirt, grime or carbon build up is left undisturbed and untouched.

Apex Access Group also use MEWP Access which involves using cherry pickers or Mobile Elevated Working Platforms. This is a highly skilled method that requires a special qualification from our team to operate the appropriate machinery.


Rope Access Window Cleaning

Apex Access Group provide a nationwide rope access abseil window cleaning service for all high rise commercial buildings across the UK. 

Rope access window cleaning proves to be a cost-effective, safe and non-obtrusive method of periodic cleaning for external windows. Due to the minimal setup time, unessential road or footpath closures and the ability to perform a traditional hand finished wet wash for exceptional results, rope access is present in most building cleaning plans.

Rope Access Pressure Washing

First impressions mean everything which is why it is important to maintain building facades and cladding with the use of high-pressure cleaning via rope access abseiling. High-level pressure washing often proves to be the quickest, safest and most effective way of pressure washing buildings

Rope Access Steelwork Cleaning

Rope Access is an extremely versatile method of accessing high level structural steelwork. This is performed using a technique called aid climbing where rope access technicians use specialist equipment and knowledge to methodically and safely navigate around steelwork to perform cleaning works such as the removal of dust and dirt. It is an extremely efficient, safe and effective way to clean steelwork in areas that cannot be accessed such as atriums and curtain walls within commercial buildings.

Rope Access Doff Cleaning

Doff cleaning is a method of pressure cleaning where the water is superheated up to 150 degrees and the pressure can be decreased but not compromising in cleaning ability.

Rope access doff steam cleaning is widely used on heritage stone buildings such as churches to eliminate the risk of damaging brittle and fragile properties but ensuring that the stone is cleaned of all dirt and grime.

Rope access is often more favourable over scaffolding for doff cleaning because it is much more cost effective and non obtrusive, the building can remain operational and there is no need to install tie in bolts.

Rope Access Post Construction & Builders Cleaning

Before handing over a building principal contractors need to ensure that the newly finished build is clean for the client and building owner. Glazing and cladding panels often have building dust, mastic and concrete residue present. Rope Access is an effective method for accessing the external facade and glazing of a building that require cleaning post construction. Where cherry pickers, mast climbers or scaffold are not present.

Rope access gutter cleaning

Commercial, Industrial and Heritage buildings all have drainage and gutter systems that need to be regularly cleaned and maintained by removing and dirt and debris such as leaves which can clog hoppers and drain holes causing costly issues. Rope access allows operatives to safely abseil or access gutters, gullys and hoppers where a risk of falling from height is present. Areas of damp on buildings are mostly caused by blocked or clogged gutters.

Experts in rope access cleaning

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