Case Study – Rope Access, scaffold alternative, light well restoration services

Why to choose rope access as a scaffold alternative for your light well maintenance or restoration project?

Apex Access Group offer specialist rope access industrial abseiling services for the restoration of internal building lightwells across the UK. To find an internal light well in a building is not un common. This ancient method of construction is still being used today due its natural light and space generating benefits. But with great benefits also comes great challenges.

Scaffold Alternative Access Methods 

A light well needs maintenance or restoration works but access is limited. Scaffold may be the first initial thought process when planning this project. In most cases there are 3 major issues that arise with this traditional method of working at height as apposed to the use of rope access abseilers for the restoration such as maintenance of a buildings lightwell.

3 reasons why:

1. Internal access to the lowest level of the light well is often extremely limited, to access it involves walking through offices and in some cases through a tight plant room. The set up of the scaffold would cause massive disruption and prove to be exceptionally difficult. It is very common for internal building light wells to have a glass atrium roof. The set up of a scaffold over such roofs could implement major heath and safety concerns.
Rope Access technicians anchor to the structural elements of the roof, descending into the lightwell. Minimal equipment is required and can be deployed very quickly. All tools and equipment are attached with lanyards eliminating any risk of dropped items altogether, making it the perfect scaffold alternative.

2. Scaffold can be very time consuming to erect, often much longer than the actual project itself.
Rope Access is a far quicker method of access especially for jobs that need to completed quickly, perhaps for safety reasons such as an unsafe down-pipe. Rope access does not only solve the method of access but completes the task reducing the number of contractors needed.

3. Scaffold costs can be much higher than alternatives such as rope access.
Rope Access is often a much more cost effective scaffold alternative.

What jobs might Rope Access abseiling be suitable for internal light well restoration or maintenance

Traditional wooden sash window repairs and restoration 

Often over time traditional wooden sash windows located in lightwells can become very deteriorated showing signs of rotten sills. Apex Access Group provide time served painting rope access professionals for the restoration of this style of window. using specialist Timber Repair-Care systems to ensure the job is completed to highest level of standard, prolonging the life of the windows. We can also provide a traditional linseed putty re glazing services for windows such as traditional sash.

Masonry Painting 

The Re painting of masonry within lightwells can really give them a new lease of life. Once again this also is a very common project that with the use of rope access industrial abseiling can be completed with ease. Because lightwells can been seen from inside the building this can prove to be a low cost update that makes a huge difference to the property.

Bird Deterrent Systems – Bird Spikes / Bird Netting 

Birds such as pigeons or gulls nesting and fowling within the internal lightwell of a building can be a real eyesore and a real problem. With the use of rope access industrial abseiling Apex Access Group can provide a bespoke full Bird Deterrent system. Using bird netting and or spikes this problem can be irradiated.

Downpipes & Gutters 

It is very important to maintain, clear and clean gutters and down pipes on a regular basis. Failing to do this can lead to larger and more expensive problems. Lots of buildings have the external perimeters cleaned regularly. Lightwells are often forgotten about and neglected.

Window Cleaning 

Internal Lightwell windows often become very dirty and need to be cleaned regularly. Rope access is usually the only feasible option due to the limited access for systems such as ‘reach and wash’.

Lead work repairs and restoration 

Lead roofs, lead work and lead flashings are very common in lightwells because of their waterproofing capabilities. Often restoration is required, such as cleaning, using specialist cleaning methods. Re patination to maintain and increase the life of the lead is also a method used.

Softwash / Pressure Washing

Depending on the construction material, softwashing or pressure washing may be the update that the light well needs. Softwashing would be the appropriate method for lightwells built with any masonry or porous  stone such as Portland. Softwashing means to clean with adjustable heat and pressure ensuring a gentle but effective clean. Pressure washing is a much more aggressive cleaning method often used on cladding panels along with appropriate chemicals. Apex Access Group can completed any pressure washing or softwashing projects with the use of rope access industrial abseilers.