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Confined Space Works

Confined space works is an area that is enclosed and proposes limited entry and egress such as an industrial chimney, silo or tanker. Confined spaces are also categorised as an area where injury can occur from hazardous conditions or substances such as lack of oxygen due the confined space. These can be found in industrial environments such as factories and plants.

Apex Access Group are industry leading suppliers for confined space works access with the use of rope access abseiling, this method of access allows the technicians to effectively and safely abseil into the confined space with the use of ropes for the inspection, repair or cleaning of the silo, tanker or chimney. Adequate rescue plans and systems are put in place for the confined space works rope access to ensure that the workers can safely be lifted or lowered out of the confined space.


Confined Space Works Health and Safety

HSE states that if the confined space works cannot be avoided, a safe system of works must be undertaken and adequate emergency arrangements must be in place before the confined space works can commence. Apex Access Group offer consultation for safe systems of work and emergency rescue supervisors. ensuring that your employees are as safe as possible when working in a confined space.

Apex Access Group are based in the East Midlands between Sheffield, Derby and Manchester but work nationwide and offer a free quoting services across the UK. Contact us here.

Confined space projects

We have worked on a wide range of confined space projects including:

  • Silo access
  • Industrial chimney inspections
  • Chemical plants
  • Dry risers
  • Lift shafts
  • Drainage

We offer a free quoting service for any sized job, so please don’t hesitate to contact us and tell us about your project.