Aspirating Smoke Detection Installation Using Rope Access

rope access aspiration smoke detection

Why do buildings install aspirating smoke detection ?

Many buildings today are favouring the use of aspiration smoke detection or ASD due to its efficiency and reliability in smoke detection.

Aspirating Smoke Detection systems have been available for well over twenty years. Advances in technology have allowed aspirating smoke detection to evolve from a niche, very specialist, detection solution to a staple in the fire industry.

Designers use Aspirating Systems because it is one of the quickest and most reliable types of systems on the market. The system uses a central detection unit, which is mounted at a low level access point, this unit used fans to continually draw samples of air from the protected area.

The area is protected by a series of pipe runs with specific sample draw points installed in certain areas. The sample points are typically installed high level in un accessible areas such as roof voids. Often access limitations can be the achilles heal for the designers or installers.

Where traditional access methods such as MEWPs are not achievable and systems such as scaffolding could prove costly and time consuming, Rope Access provides a cost effective and efficient solution.


Rope Access Pipe Installation

Where could Rope Access be utilised to install Aspirating Smoke Detection pipework?

Many buildings have access limitations for the installation of ASD pipework, making rope access the favourable solution for designers and fire protection installers. 

Examples of projects could include: 

Roof Voids– Roof voids tend to vary in size from small loft spaces to large cold store plant rooms, all roof voids are inaccessible to MEWPs and are complicated and costly to install scaffolding.

Live Sites – Many live production facilities require new or upgraded Aspirating Smoke Detection System installing. Closing down production on all or part of the lines can be extremely difficult and costly. through careful and meticulous planning, Rope Access can provide the solution allowing pipework to be installed whilst operations continue.

Racking Systems – Modern automated racking systems can be a labyrinth of latticed steelwork, with the he intracity  of these racking systems, it is imperative that the areas be protected with Aspirating pipework. Rope access technicians negotiated the racking with ease, installing pipework to lower levels where panels can be situated.

Heritage Sites – Many heritage site such as theatres or cathedrals are adopting smoke detection systems utilising aspirating pipework. Rope access is a favourable system for all types of tasks on heritage buildings due to the non obtrusive and delicate nature. 


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