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Rope access

When working on buildings at a high level, it is necessary to gain rope access. Here at Apex Access Group, we offer industrial abseiling services, acting as contractors for all kinds of building construction jobs and maintenance projects. Although you can gain access to buildings in other ways, such as the traditional use of scaffolding, rope access provides an alternative method, allowing workers to easily descend, ascend and traverse ropes in order to access high buildings and work whilst suspended in a harness or a work seat.


Rope access was first developed from techniques used in climbing and caving. Designed to help users reach places that are difficult to reach, applying it to construction and building work seems like an obvious solution now when it comes to the health and safety of construction work. It has now been common practice since the 1980s. Through the use of the rope, the intention is that the likelihood of falling is eliminated altogether. This is made extra safe by providing a back-up fall arrest system as a precaution in case there is an unlikely failure of the primary support. This involves the use of both a working line and a safety line.

Apex Rope Access

At Apex Access Group, we believe rope access is the best method for projects such as window cleaning, painting, working in confined spaces, and all other building and construction projects working at a high level. You can benefit from its low set-up time, the unobtrusive nature and lower costs that alternatives such as scaffolding. Examples of jobs that are ideal for rope access industrial abseiling include the restoration of light wells, window restoration, masonry painting, duct work installation or repairs and industrial chimney inspections and maintenance. When considering areas with confined space, this could include a silo cleaning and inspection project, internal extraction ductwork cleaning and dry riser works. We also carry out maintenance work such as eyebolt inspections and testing, and general rope access inspection. Feel free to browse our services page to get an overview of the kinds of construction and high level building maintenance projects we have achieved through the use of rope access.


It is compulsory to submit any accidents, incidents and near-miss occurrences to the relevant trade association, such as IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association), in order to evaluate and compare information across the whole of the industry. The allows the assessment of any trends in incidents, and can help to continually advance the equipment and improve work practices. Since the 1980s, through the use of proven techniques and the trade association’s approach to safety, it means there have been extremely few accidents in this time.

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